Service Directories

Unifying Data Globally - used locally


The health sector across the Globe has a vast amount of data that is typically hosted by different groups, in different formats and with different technology. 


For data to be effective, the most important resource is people, ranging from health practitioners, planners, researchers, organisations, community groups to individual health consumers.

Service directories provide consumers with the ability to find:

  • a practitioner & location
  • current opening hours
  • language spoken
  • more


Health Services Directories

Australian NHSD Search Screen results

The Australian National Health Services Directory result screen

Consumers can see where services are located quickly using Google Maps, including Home Visit and Online services

Smartphone App (Healthdirect Australia)


A Smartphone app for consumers to find services easily across Australia (Healthdirect Australia)

Not For Profit - Cancer Australia - find specialist services


Here is a example of a Not for Profit organisation using the Specialist Services for Cancer, all from one National Directory of Health and Social Care - A Single Source of Truth

Unifying data for better decisions

What are Health Services Directories (HSD's)


Health Services Directories are repositories of Health and Human services data  (including hospitals, pharmacies, doctors, community centres, etc) together with healthcare provider information. 

It integrates both service and operational information, covering both health and human services including healthcare providers. Information is provided for a range of uses, with different information accessible to different users of the directory, governed by a security and consent model. Moreover it provides a consistent directory for the private and not-for-profit groups across the sector.  It also has a much greater breadth and depth of information (than Provider Directories) to enable service providers to be located based on functions or characteristics. 

Therefore, key search fields relevant to care planning and effective electronic communications, such as referrals, are supported. These include opening hours, languages spoken, service types provided at a location, facilities, payments accepted, telehealth capable and electronic address information. 

Australia has created a National Health Services Directory (operated by Healthdirect Australia) on behalf of 

Federal, State to allow governments, public and private service providers and consumers, to access data across the eco-system of health and human services.

It is now the “Single source of Truth” for E-Health across Australia. 

It is now the:

  1. National Health Services Directory (400,000 services)
  2. National Provider Directory (300,000 accredited healthcare professionals)
  3. National Telehealth Directory
  4. National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS, $22 Billion)

And stores the:

  1. National Health Provider Indentifiers - Individual (HPI-I's)
  2. National Health Provider Identifiers – Organisation (HPI-O’s);

and receives 9,000,000 transactions/months and growing;

All using just ONE API (Web Service) for all Health and Social services software